The competitions are back on, so that means more content here from me. The theme this time was exceptionally broad, being simply “horror”. Considering my past output this could have been perfect for me, but I honestly struggled to get ideas. I got a fair few likes for my story, but didn’t win (I’ve won none so far). Here is my entry:


It was night when they came. I put up a fight, tried to resist, but there were too many of them. When I regained consciousness all I could see was black. I was struggling to breathe, there was a cover over my head, my ribs felt sore, and my nose had been broken in the fray. My hands were tightly bound behind my back and my legs strapped firmly to the uncomfortable chair on which I was sitting. I could hear others around me, sounds of muffled panic and pathetic attempts to move surrounded me, but nothing else, until I heard footsteps. Several people had entered the room, the sounds of their feet echoed, moving in unison. Their movements sounded deliberate and organised. The sack was forcefully wrenched from my head and my eyes struggled to adjust to the light.

Every one of them looked petrified, some had even wet themselves. There were eight of us sitting in a circle, strapped to chairs which were bolted to the floor. Behind each one of us was a figure clad in black from head to toe, whilst another man wearing a suit and balaclava set up a small table and placed a briefcase on top. He removed several syringes and proceeded to go around each prisoner, forcing whatever poison it contained into each of us. I felt the needle slide into my neck with the mixture of pain and pleasure of penetration, leaving me feeling violated and scared.

After he returned the empty syringes to his briefcase he started talking. He sounded excited. He told us that we were part of a game, sort of like Russian Roulette, and that most of us had been given a harmless drug. We would all react differently to it, ranging from no effects at all through to terrifying hallucinations. One person, however, had been infected. Something vile would grow inside them rapidly, eating them from the inside out, and they would be the starter in an eight course meal. In this game of Russian Roulette nobody wins. The man closed his briefcase, I could sense him smiling, as the bags were forced roughly onto our heads and everything went black again. Their footsteps echoed as they left the room to the sounds of a woman screaming.

I felt a pain in my stomach, as though it was being punched from the inside. I was helpless, I had been too tightly bound to the chair, I could only move my head and scream. The pain spread up into my chest and I vomited, filling the inside of the sack. My arms and legs were shaking and my head felt like it was going to explode. Why me? was the only thought which found its way through the excruciating pain. Then it stopped.

It wasn’t me. As the pain disappeared I could hear the screams of others, writhing in their seats. It wasn’t me, and that scared me more. It could all have been over, but now I would have to wait for it to happen to another, I would have to listen to it devour the rest of them one by one, wondering when it would reach me. That’s when I joined some of the others by wetting myself.

The person in the chair to my right was silent, not even breathing. His chair started rattling violently, his throat gargling, his bones crunching, and there was the sickening sound of tearing flesh. I felt something warm spray over me as I listened to a complete stranger being eaten from within, worrying only about what would happen to me when it finished with him. It finished quickly. I felt something writhing around my ankles, hot breath beating down through the cover on my head, something clawed wrap around my wrists, and I heard a noise which pierced my soul. I started to suffocate as I panicked, inhaling some of the vomit and choking on it. I felt as though this foul beast was engulfing me, wrapping around me. Its weight was overbearing and it felt moist. I feared every death I could imagine. It could tear me limb from limb, smash me to pieces, devour me slowly, slice through my flesh with ease, crush me, it could even drown me. Whatever was about to happen I just hoped it would be quick. Then it stopped.

I had fainted. Somehow I had survived. Did it only like to feed on conscious victims? Was there something else wrong with me? I was so confused, I was certain that I was about to die. I listened for signs of the beast but heard nothing, only the sounds of breathing. Others were alive, but how? I don’t know how long I sat listening, fearing that the beast would return, but eventually I lost consciousness again.

When I woke up I was strapped to a bed, more comfortable than the chair, though I could not even move my head. There were no other chairs in there and it looked like some sort of hospital room, with the typical antiseptic smell. Standing over me was the suited man, still wearing his balaclava. I could sense him smiling. His smug voice asked me lots of questions, at first forcing me to give an account of what happened in the room, but later asked questions about my personal life. He threatened to throw me back to the beast if I did not answer, so I told him everything, I could not handle such fear again. Then he laughed. He laughed at everything I had told him, then he scribbled something on a piece of paper and handed it to his assistant who promptly left the room. When he eventually stopped his cackling he started to tell me everything. Nothing in that room had been real. Nothing in my life had been real; they had completely manipulated my thoughts, implanted memories and forced foul dreams upon me. He would not tell me who ‘they’ were, but I hated them, from the pit of my stomach. My stomach. Why was I thinking about my stomach? I stopped paying attention to what the man was saying, it was too much to take.

When the man was eventually leaving the room he picked something up from somewhere over to the side and made his way back to my bed. It was a mirror. He laughed as he held it up so that I could see my reflection, first showing me the top of my head. Wires were hooked up to my brain, which was exposed, that’s how they were manipulating me. Then he showed my neck, but there was nothing else. I had no body, just tubes and wires everywhere. I had no body, just a head, and nothing which filled my mind was my own. That’s when I asked to be returned to the beast.




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