Favourites List

When I have sent people to this blog (maybe even you) I have worried a little. I can’t help but wonder if you will read the first post and not be impressed, or find that it isn’t to your taste. There are categories which can be found at the bottom of the page, but those aren’t noticeable until you’ve scrolled all the way down. I have a handful of favourites, so I thought I would list them here in case anyone wants to skip to the good bits. Listed in the order you would reach them if you scrolled down:


Harvester of Sorrow: One of my creepier offerings, inspired by Lovecraft and Metallica, written to fit with the song of the same name (not necessarily in timing, as that would be impossible). It was a fun challenge and I thought I did a decent job.

Ghosts in SpaceI can’t put my finger on what it is I like about this one, I simply do. Perhaps it is different to what I would usually write. It has a sequel, The Ghosts’ Ruinas well, both of which are sci-fi. I might some day make it a trilogy.

Mathilde: Another twisted one, which has at least one memorable point. I felt like I took a bit of a risk with this one.

Mike’s Final Frontier: If you read just one, make it this one. It is one of my sillier offerings, one which I really enjoyed writing and actually like to revisit now and again. I usually find it hard to read my own writing back after a while, but this one is still enjoyable.

Arms: Yet another darker one. I struggle to read this one, but it was the first story I felt that I really took seriously.

If you like any of those you can use the categories at the bottom of the page to find similar stories. Or read everything. I will love you if you read everything.


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